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Unexpected workflow variables for Directory based apps

Question asked by Almos Kovacs on May 3, 2018

Dear Community,


I've several applications with the same accounts so I've made a directory for them. In my AFX and WF I'm using variables like "${access_request_cri_app_name}". Normally it's giving back the value of the business source I've requested something but for applications with directories it's giving back the directory and the business source like 'Active Directory, OneApp'. It's even worse that my AFX got the attributes of the directory insted of my app since I'm storing attributes in my apps that define how should the data of a request get stored in my DB.
I've made a workaround where I've defined my directories and cut them from the app name and after that I'm selecting the needed attributes. But in case of roles the app name going to be like 'Active Directory, First App, OUD, Second App, Third App' and I don't even have a clue how to solve in the AFX which app contains the requested entitlement(s).

Could anyone help me with workarounds or best practices for my problem?

Thanks in advance,