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Embed Search Index in to Custom IVIEW

Question asked by Neeraj Rohilla on Jun 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2018 by Neeraj Rohilla

I am having a custom Iview in which I have used HTML code for links to multiple applications. I want to Search content of one particular application under respective Application link in Custom Iview. How can I achieve that?

Is it possible to call Search IVIEW (Out of Box) in Custom IVIEW for different applications?


My approach was to use JavaScript/ Jquery/ CSS for calling the element of Search Iview(Search Textbox)based on One Image button, Call the Search IVIEW's textbox on screen and select respective application checkbox clicked and hide the Search IVIEW on same dashboard dynamically with the use of CSS.


I have tried with JavaScript/ Jquery and CSS to call Search IView's Textbox from Custom Iview . but Code is limited to Custom iView's content. It is unable to find the elements of another Iview(Search Textbox).


Please suggest if I am following the right approach or not. If anyone is having better option to achieve the requirement, Please help.