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Identifying the date of account reactivation

Question asked by William May on Jun 19, 2018

Is there a way to query the Aveksa database to determine the history of an account that was created, deleted and then recreated at some future date?


I have a use case where I am attempting to find the correct age of an orphan account based on the last date it was activated in the source system, however, the system does not update the T_AV_ACCOUNTS.ORPHANED_DATE at the time of account reactivation after having been deleted for some time. I'm also unable to find any sort of history table for accounts that might show me when the account was last reactivated - which would be the date when the value of T_AV_ACOCUNTS.DELETION_DATE went from not null to null.


I am not using Aveksa for access request, so mining the request data won't help either.



Bill & Prateek Bhatnagar

7.0.1 P02