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How to translate Node id:s in FulfillmentHandler

Question asked by David Horwath on Jun 21, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2018 by David Horwath

This is getting me mad, and I do not have the time to wait 8 weeks for support to give me an answer.


I have a node somewhere in a workflow that is causing an ORA-12899.

DEBUG (com.aveksa.server.workflow.scripts.nodes.FulfillmentHandlerNode) says: "Fulfilling changes for node id=7159689:WPDS"


How can I translate that node id to show me which workflow is executing?


An ORA-12899 means that something is trying to add data that is "to big" for a column, so in a way I know this will NEVER fix itself. Something is queued up for creating a request, and it will never be successful. I need to delete whatever request/rule/whatever, that is trying to add this data that is to big.



Tried to quickly look through all tables starting with T_AV_WF for the column name NODE_ID, but NONE of those node ids are having values higher than 2 000 000, and my node id is 7 159 689


All my searches for more tables that are using a column called NODE_ID has failed. Had a sql query that is supposed to find this, but it doesn't seem to work anymore:




So giving up due to long weekend coming up. But need to fix this as soon as possible. Patch for 7.1 is incoming, and do not want to run a patch with these kind of database errors.


Oh and by the way: Anyone having an SQL that shows the grants on the AVUSER, would be highly appreciated. Because I am pretty sure I have used the above SQL to show me the tables with the specified column name...


I know a lot, but not enough apparently