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G&L Entitlement Definitions Needed for: View All, Review Permissions, and Request Workflow : Edit All

Question asked by Joseph March Employee on Jun 21, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2018 by Joseph March

There are three entitlements in IG&L that I need some clarification on.


1) View All

There is a permission (System : View All) to provide access to all objects in VIA G&L; however users with this access are not able to see errors on the request tab. What permission do we need to add so that users can see error on request tab?


2) Review Permission

There are two permission on Reviews, Edit All and Manage All…………what is the difference between the two? We only want to assign the minimum permissions but so far are not able to understand the difference between the two.


3) Request Workflow : Edit All

It appears this should allow the user to modify the workflow but it is not letting the user modify the workflow under the request tab.