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RSA AM f5. Create VIP for AM

Question asked by Jai Pagare on Jun 22, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2019 by Randy Belbin

@Hello Al


I have a project to be submitted.


Here's the scenario.

I have 2 RSA Authentication Managers in Prod. Right now, our privilege access management is pointing to primary RSA AM, and when I am doing maintenance I have to manually switch RADIUS authentication to secondary. To overcome with this problem I am looking to create F5 VIP which will then point to both primary & secondary AM as failover.


I am little confused with few question and not sure about the answers


Virtual Server FQDN:

Virtual IP Address:

Protocol: ? ------------------------

Service Port 1812 TCP.

Persistence (default & Fallback): ? ------------- Source_addr or Universal Persistance?

Monitor Type: ? ---------------------

Send String: -------------------------

Receive String: UP

Member server hostname: &

Member IP: &

Service Port: 1812

Priority Group: Disabled

Load Balancing Method: Round Robin


If this has been accomplished in your environment would you help me fill the blanks please.

Virtual Server FQDN / URLVirtual IP AddressProtocolService Port (TCP) HTTPS RedirectPersistance (default & fallback)Montor TypeFreq. (Secs)TOut (secs)Send StringReceive StringUsernamePasswordMember Server (Hostname)Member IP AddressService PortPriority GroupLoad Balancing  MethodMonitor Failure Action