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Forcing Unlock of Account - Account Status Workaround

Question asked by Philip Martinez on Jun 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2018 by Philip Martinez

000030184 - IMG: How to setup a request form that allows users to lock/unlock and enable/disable user accounts from IMG 

The above link works great, however for an environment like Active Directory there are some gaps. Is there a way to force an unlock of an account if it's locked out in AD, but due to running collections only once a day shows up as unlocked in IGL?


Currently the form has the button greyed out. It'd be ideal to allow support personnel to unlock an account without having to worry about the state of the account from collections. For example every minute someone may lock themselves out, it's unrealistic to think we'd run an ADC every minute.

Workarounds? I was thinking of perhaps having a local entitlement that I add to a user which would then kick off a fulfillment workflow with a provisioning node to unlock said account.