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Where can I find the latest version of RSA Authentication Agent for Windows?

Question asked by Massimo Schianchi on Jul 3, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2018 by Massimo Schianchi

Hi support,


We're looking to update RSA Authentication Agent on Windows, but are having trouble identifying the latest version. The most recent version available from the downloads page (RSA Authentication Agent 7.3.3 Downloads for Microsoft Windows ) is displayed simply as 7.3.3, and when we go to install it, we see the full version string of Another document (000033697 - How to troubleshoot and fix most invalid proof and failed to send day data errors on the RSA Authentication Agent 7.x for Windows ) makes reference to version 7.3.3 [114]. Is there a place where we can view the changelogs and download the latest version of the agent? The product lifecycle page only lists as far as the minor version ( ).


We're using the latest RSA Authentication Manager 8.3 Patch 1, in case it pulls from that.


Thanks and best regards.