RSA AM 8.2 Self Service not working with Active Directory

Discussion created by EDWARD JEWELL on Jul 3, 2018

I am having an issue with using an external identity source, in this case Active Directory, for users to log into Self Service.  I am just in the testing phase now.  I am able to access it, although it is slow.  If I have another user or admin try it, it fails.  This is using LDAP_Password or SecurID_Native as the console authentication source.  AD authentication works fine for the security console.  It only seems to fail on the Self Service Portal.  The only thing odd, I noticed, is that under "Identity Sources" "Allow Users to request accounts in this identity source".  I do not see the identity source for the source I created for AD.  


Is there anything specific that I am missing?  Is there a checkbox to give access to users for the Self Service portal, or a setting that I am missing?  Thank you for the help!