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Authentication Agent 2.0 for ADFS - Selectively control MFA?

Question asked by Dan Heim on Jul 4, 2018
Latest reply on May 28, 2019 by Randy Belbin

We have ADFS 3.0 on 2012R2.  I read about the RSA Authentication agent 2.0 for ADFS.   Can you choose which ADFS relying partners we want to use RSA SecurID authentication with?  The guide sounds like it must be a global setting, which is not what we are currently looking for right now.  We want to selectively be able to add in MFA to some partners SSO, but not for others.  






RSA® Authentication Agent 2.0 for Microsoft® AD FS Administrator's Guide 


-After installing and registering Agent for AD FS, you must configure the Microsoft AD FS global authentication policy to enforce multifactor authentication using the agent