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Is Reconciling Duplicates Possible?

Question asked by Louise Van Alstyne on Jul 10, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2018 by Louise Van Alstyne

I have a bunch of people that show up as two separate users within IG&L. One is deleted and one is not. It appears that perhaps this might happen when they change jobs. I know you can't truly delete a user, but can they be merged or reconciled in some way?


This is causing issues where we want to include deleted users in the reviews (because obviously we WANT people to see if users that have left still have accounts in their applications), but then supervisors are revoking access based on the duplicate value, which has inaccurate information like a former department, etc. Then access is incorrectly taken away from a valid user.


What causes a user to become "deleted"? Does this happen if they fall off of an identity collector? or..?