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Can not import RSA token via CT-KIP on Android P

Question asked by Baowen Long on Jul 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2018 by Baowen Long

Our Android app integrates RSA SecurID Mobile Authentication SDK 2.3.2.


We use AndroidSecurIDLib.importTokenFromCtkip API to import RSA token via CT-KIP. It works well on all Android devices except on Android P(beta).


On Android P, we can import token successfully via CT-KIP from company RSA server.

But when we tried to import token via CT-KIP from our own RSA server, the API throws CTKIPException.


  • This issue can only be reproduced on Android P devices
  • Our own RSA server is configured to use a self signed certificate


Since we did not make any change on our app side, the only change is we move to Android P devices.

So I guess the issue was caused by Android P behavior changes.


So my question are:

  • How to debug this kind of issue? On Android client side, we only got CTKIPException without any useful information.
  • Does anyone else encounter similar issue? Do we need to make any change on Android P?