Hrishikesh Pandey

Workflow Architect not loading in IMG 7.0.2 P7 Via SSO Route

Discussion created by Hrishikesh Pandey on Aug 1, 2018

We recently upgraded from 7.0.1 P5 to 7.0.2 on Websphere two nodes cluster environment and we observed Workflow Architect stop loading. Hence we created Service ticket and was recommended workaround as per engineering ticket ACM-72065,  to update JVM Arguments as per below and Workflow editor start working.

-Dwp-client-hostname=<Your internal RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle server hostname>
-Dwp-client-hostport=<Your internal RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle server HTTP port>


Last month we received RSA Advisories to upgrade infrastructure to 7.0.2 Patch 7 to resolved above issue along with some additonal application vulnerability. As recommended we upgraded to 7.0.2 Patch 7 and start observing same issue

when accessed through SSO route and Workflow editor stuck in "Loading" state . However Workflow editor work as expected while accessed directly.


Both root URI  "aveksa" & "aveksaWFArchitect" are already listed in reverse proxy webserver pluhin.xml file and HTTP PUT action enabled at authorization policy level.


Any  other fix/suggestion for this new IMG 7.0.2 Patch 7  version ?