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PKIX issue with RSA IG&L 7.1Patch01

Question asked by Sunita Bhat on Aug 1, 2018
Latest reply on May 27, 2019 by Rafael Ferreira

Our setup includes RSA ITG&L 7.1 Patch 01 running on RHEL with Wildfly. 

We create our SSL certs and both aveksa.keystore and cacerts are updated with required certs.

The browser connection works well and shows a valid cert.



We have an application request form where we are utilizing DropDownSelectWithWebService field type. In here, our dropdown is invoking a Webservice call to itself (https://myhost:8443/aveksa/command.submit?cmd=findUsers&returnMaxRows=1&returnColumns=businessunit&format=csv )


Issue: At run time this dropdown gives "pkix path building failed".


This used to work just fine in 7.0 version.


Question: In this scenario where a webservice hosted on myhost is being called by myhost application form,

which keystore should hold the client cert and which one should hold server cert?