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Inconsistencies with Reporting Output

Question asked by Visham Rawat on Aug 13, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2018 by Visham Rawat

As evidence, I've attached snapshots of 3 reports, all with differing output. I queried SA for a particular report, and the results are as follows.

1. 4 days = 131 results

2. 96 hours (4 days) = 130 results

3. 4 months = 3 results


Why this fluctuation and inconsistency? I'm unable to make sense of it. There are many more examples. For instance, 7 days = 96 results, and 168 (7 days) hours = 117 results. Why? and how come the more I increase the time range, the fewer the results?

I hope I'm not missing something here, 'coz logically the output fluctuation (lack or increase of) makes no sense to me. Eric Partington

RSA Security Analytics 10.6

RSA Security Analytics 10.6.4