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Request Form - Drop Down Select With Web Service

Question asked by Clive Morrish Employee on Aug 14, 2018
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I'm using the findBusinessUnits command within a request form (drop down select with web service) to display a custom attribute held against the Business Unit called 'Code' which is an abbreviation of the Business Unit name.


Is it possible to return the Code and Name columns in the drop down instead of just the code for example 'ACC - Accenture'? From initial testing it only appears possible to have either Code or Name and not both?


Additionally, the Code is key to back-end processes and is used for linking and verification. Currently if the value selected from the drop down within the form is anything other than the Code, the process will fail. 


Is it possible to display different data in the form drop-down to what is then passed through in the form/request/workflow? For example, the user selects 'Accenture' from the drop-down but the value 'ACC' is passed through?


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