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What does a successful network connection from firewall mean?

Question asked by Visham Rawat on Aug 14, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2020 by Luigui Rivas Guevara

Action = Allow

Event Category Name = Network.Connections.Successful

Event Activity = Permit

Device = Firewall

Src IP = Internal IP

Dst IP = Public IP

Dst Port = PortNo.


In such a situation, what exactly does it mean - has the internal IP successfully connected to portno. on public IP, or has the firewall merely allowed the request/probe from the internal IP to go through unimpeded to the public IP?


Can such logs from the firewall tell us, that a connection was established between the 2 servers, or does it simply tell us that the internal IP's request was forwarded to the public IP, however, what happened with the request thereafter is unknown (from this particular event log).  


Please help clarify.