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How can I tell if apacket decoder is sending database stats

Question asked by Gary Adams on Aug 24, 2018

I have 4 packet decoders on 2 different networks. Everything seems to be fine except that decoders and concentrators on one network_2 do not seem to be reporting the same set of stats to the SA as those on network 1. This makes the Health and Wellness reports incorrect.  If I am not mistaken none of these servers are virtual machines.


The network_1 decoders report:

DiskRaid, Filesystem, SystemInfo, Assembler, Capture, Database, Decoder, Index, Pool ProcessInfo, Puppet, livecontent, Messagebus and Collectd


The network_2 decoders report only:

DiskRaid, Filesystem, SystemInfo, ProcessInfo, Puppet, livecontent, Messagebus and Collectd


Does anyone have an idea as to why these two report sets differ?