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Role membership rule only working once

Question asked by Tom Kelly on Aug 30, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2018 by Tom Kelly

Does anyone have any ideas why the membership rule of a Technical role would only pick up users once?

I’ve created a Technical role with the following membership rule


This created three rules, two Role Membership Rule Difference rules Finance_&_Controlling_(F&C)_UOOC and  Finance_&_Controlling_(F&C)_UINC and an Attribute Change rule Finance_&_Controlling.


When I update a test user to meet the role memberships, run an Identity Collection the user is added to the role succesfully and when I change the users attributes to test removal the UOOC rule catches this and removes the role.

However, when I update the user’s attributes again to add the role back this isn’t picked up by the rule.


Looking at the run details it just shows number of violations: 0


Does anyone have any ideas?