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How to map Security Domains with Global Catalog

Question asked by Armin Kraus on Aug 31, 2018

Regarding the mapping of security domains, I found this docomentation: Edit Default Security Domain Mappings 

According to this I want to know how I can use a Global Catalog for the mapping. The Global Catalog should be used because of the limit of 30 DCs as identity stores.

Is it possible to use the DC for the mapping which is configured to authenticate users against the GC?

I can´t test this because I don´t have such a deployment.


Here Active Directory Global Catalog Identity Sources  I found the follwoing information: "Administrative actions are only performed against non-Global Catalog identity sources."

--> Is the mapping to security domains an administrative action and even though this is not supported?

If no, how can I use the mapping of security domains if there are more than 30 DCs?