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SecurID authentication for on-premise SharePoint 2016

Question asked by Hamish Limbrick on Aug 31, 2018

Hi, I am new to SharePoint...


I have a very simple, single server SharePoint 2016 farm (on-premise) and I want to set up SecurID authentication to a Site Collection so that users don't enter their domain username/password...they just enter their SecurID pin and token code.


I have read the 'RSA Authentication Agent 8.0 for Web' installation guide and it only refers to SharePoint 2013. When I follow these instructions it says to run the web Application Pool as a Network Service - but when I try to run the App Pool as the server's local built-in NetworkService account it can't access the SharePoint Farm database. I can't see how the NetworkService account can be added as a Farm Administrator. I have also seen documentation where Microsoft states that running the App Pool as NetworkService is not supported.


I'm obviously doing something wrong here...does anyone have step by step documentation on how to do this on SharePoint 2016?