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Change Task Description

Question asked by Steve Fuson on Aug 31, 2018

In the Activities section, is there a way to change the Task description?


We have a couple of different scenarios:


1) Currently the task description says grant or remove access to a specific entitlement for account name(s), but it doesn't say what application it's for.  We have a hundred applications we're currently managing and plan to add more.  A lot of the entitlement names are similar or vague.  For efficiency, we'd like to be able to pick out all of the tasks for one application and do those.


2) Some of our applications have multiple-step processes.  We would like to have the user request one item, and then the workflow would have multiple manual fulfillment nodes, and each of those nodes clearly identifies the task.  I know we can update the form viewed when performing the activity, but I want the task summary to be clear in the work queue.



my activities task screenshot