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Clarity for ongoing IP changes for smcupdate

Question asked by Marinos Roussos on Sep 6, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2018 by Marinos Roussos

There have been some IP changes on the back-end systems and RSA have sent out some advisories. Without surprise, these advisories don't seem to be following any pattern or template as if they were written by different departments.


Scheduled migration:
This has the migration schedule and provides some reasoning for the change which is to improve stability and performance.


Advisory of problems post-migration:


Rogue, incomplete and inappropriate advisory (no mention of problems as the reason for this change):


"The migration is expected to take place on or about September 14th, 2018"

Is  "on or about" the best estimate that this security vendor can provide? How about some explanation of the problem?


Do think is appropriate to keep customers in the dark even though they would have to submit change requests and get these approved on time?