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All changes in 1 request fulfilled individually

Question asked by Martin Piroh on Sep 18, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2018 by Boris Lekumovich



I'm wondering if AM offers an option to fulfill items in a group request individually. I am aware about the option to fulfill all changes in 1 request OR fulfill changes by user. Scenario: We want to request same access for 10 users. So we have two options how this will be performed. Either the request will be fulfilled on a users basis (10 change request will be created) or all changes will be performed in one request. This means that all users will have to wait for the last approval before requested access is provided. If I however choose option 'All changes in 1 request' access will be given individually to users, which would meet our needs, BUT... we have customers who want to have only 1 request (All changes in 1 request option) because of tracking purposes and we also have customers for whom Changes by user option would be more appropriate. I know we can set this individually by configuring request form by an application, but this would be very time consuming.


My question therefore is - is it not possible to have 'All changes in 1 request' option enabled at a root and configure fulfillment of individual requests automatically as soon as their are approved? So there will only be one group request created for 10 users, but access will be provided immediately for those requests that are approved? This way we wouldn't have to wait for all approvals before the access is provisioned.


I hope I'm making sense here ...


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