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NW Health Issues

Question asked by Renato Goncalves on Sep 21, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2018 by Renato Goncalves

Hello guys


Recently it was given to me the task of assuring that NW runs smooth.


I was viewing some documentation from the community and saw:

Verification of the 95% threshold

To ensure that the NW database directory sizes are configured with the correct 95% threshold, in the Security Analytics UI:

  1. Go to the Security Analytics service Explore view, right-click on Properties and select reconfig.
  2. In the parameters field, type Update=0 and click Send. The response output will check the host storage and attached storage, and automatically calculates what the 95% threshold is.
  3. When you type Update=1 and click Send, the response output displays the same response as in the previous step, but when you refresh the Explore view, you will see that the session, meta, and packet database directories size have been updated to 95% of the current available storage.
  4. Restart the Concentrator or Decoder service for the changes to take effect.


Has im using version 11 and dont know where to go. Is it Admin- Services and then in the concentrator select config? If so where do i put update=0?