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How do I mark accounts collected by IGA as deleted ?

Question asked by Chetan Asher on Sep 20, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2018 by Brett Blakeney

Traditionally - As a process we run collectors to receive active user accounts, accesses & last login date from applications at a set frequency.


Business has a concern - An account is created / re-instated after one collector run, misused & disabled before the next collector run.


To address this, we are asking the application team to send all user accounts (active & deleted) with access details & last login date, there will be alerts generated by the system for any change in permissions / last login date even for deleted accounts.


We are trying to address this by creating & using a customized flag to mark accounts as Inactive / Deleted.


The issue with this approach -


Since the collector is receiving the accounts, the deleted accounts are treated as active & appearing as part of off-boarding requests & user access reviews.


We are looking for a means to mark these accounts as deleted.