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Exchange solution feasibility

Question asked by Jesvin Joseph on Sep 25, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2018 by Edwin Mullie

We are planning to implement exchange solution in our RSA IG&L environment to create exchange mailbox and the email ID's. For this, we need to validate if an email ID is existing already in the whole business infrastructure (which includes different domains and different exchange servers)


The solution we have designed is to get a csv feed of all the email ID's in the system (which includes different domains and exchange servers, all using the same email ID format) and collect it via an account collector.


There are a total of around 40k email ID's which needs to be collected and each user's mail ID, while creation has to be validated against this 40k email ID's in the user creation exchange workflow.


Please let us know if collecting 40k email ID's on a daily basis into RSA db and subsequent validation from it will be supported by the system. Also let us know if there are any other recommended best practices 


We are on 7.0 P05 with RSA provided local db.