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RSA SecurID Access - My Page - Invalid QR code

Question asked by alex fray on Oct 4, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2018 by Ted Barbour

I'm testing the new "My Page" functionality in the RSA Cloud service to register devices with the RSA SecurID Authenticate app. I've set it up my page correctly and a test user can authenticate to login to the service using username and password.


When prompted I attempt to register a device using the presented QR code, every time I get the error "invalid QR code" in the RSA Authenticate app (I've permitted use of my camera and am using version 2.0 of the app on Apple iOS). If I manually enter the company id, username and registration code which is presented below the QR code it successfully registers the device so the user is ok, there seems to be something wrong with the generated QR code or perhaps my browser settings displaying the QR code correctly, any ideas?