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Minumr Requirements ( RAM, HD and CPU)

Question asked by Renato Goncalves on Oct 8, 2018
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I found this documento: Virtual Appliance: Overview  and in the following board


Virtual Appliance TypeQuantity of CPUsCPU SpecificationsRAMDisk
Decoder4Intel Xeon CPU @2.93 Ghz16 GB320 GB
Log Decoder4Intel Xeon CPU @2.93 Ghz16 GB320 GB
Concentrator4Intel Xeon CPU @2.93 Ghz16 GB320 GB
Archiver4Intel Xeon CPU @2.93 Ghz16 GB320 GB
Broker4Intel Xeon CPU @2.93 Ghz16 GB320 GB
Warehouse Connector4Intel Xeon CPU @2.93 Ghz16 GB320 GB
Security Analytics Server4Intel Xeon CPU @2.93 Ghz16 GB320 GB


I cant understand which is the disk size required for ESA and if the Decoder is only the Decoder and if Log Decoder includes Log Collector and Log Decoder.


Can anyone help?