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Re-Install IGL Application

Question asked by Abdul Karim on Oct 9, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2018 by Abdul Karim

Dear Team,

IGL Version 7.0.2 Patch 03, Remote Database, RHEL 6.6 

Company policy mandates us to migrate our IAM servers from current VM Infrastructure(HyperV) to New VM Infrastructure(ESXI-6.x).

Now, there is a huge problem in migration, its failing due to OS/hardware incompatibility.(Kernel Panic Error.. etc).


If all else fails, Our final option is to re-build/re-install the IAM application on new vm servers.

I want to understand,

  • Can we perform new installation on servers using existing database?
  • Will this new installation be the same previous running application?
  • Will the custom attributes be restored?
  • What items I can expect to not be restored?