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Prudent Preparations before Upgrading RSA Auth Mgr 8.`

Question asked by Lane Frazier on Oct 9, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2019 by Lane Frazier

I apologize in advance for what seems to be a rather dumb question...


We run on the Suse Linux platform not windows


We are in the planning stages of preparing to upgrade our RSA 8.1 sp1 system to at least 8.2 possibly 8.3

We run on appliances, not on VMware totally yet except for one replica. We have 1 primary appliance and 2 other replica appliances.


We do daily backups of the Primary system on a scheduled basis. But because is an appliance -  snapshots and clones we don't have.


From what I can tell about the only option available to backup the total image on the appliance is to use the freebie PING software. You create a bootable DVD from the downloadable iso file.


So making a backup of the primary requires you to shut down the primary appliance, boot off the PING CD and backup your appliance to a network share.


I guess this is the way it needs to be if you are not running VMware, but it seems a rather disruptive set of steps to go thru. One question that comes to mind is: Do authentications continue with your replicas while your Primary is shutdown and backing up ?


Is there a better way I'm not thinking of ? Other options


So my question is this. On upgrades....applying patches you can back out the changes if you had to, but major upgrades like going from 8.1 to 8.2 then 8.3 are not.  Is taking a PING backup the only solution for non VMware appliance users ?


If for some reason an upgrade went south on you what other options would I have at my disposal. I'm on 8.1 sp1 currently. Finding the original CD rom the system came with is probably out of the question. I have no idea where it is presently


So my question is are there any other ways to prepare to restore in case of a major issue during the upgrade.

Only thing I can think of would be to spin up a VMware quickly, re-install with the 8.1 ova file...reapply sp1 and patch 3 and restore my daily backup file and be back where I started.