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RHEL Linux PAM Authentication

Question asked by Hemanath Seetharaman on Oct 11, 2018

We have integrated RHEL Linux server with RSA AM 8.1 for 2FA , We are able to authenticate only users of only one domain- Domain A  connecting to the RHEL Server through ssh ( RHEL linux server was joined to Domain A)


We have multiple domain in our infra like Domain B, C and users of these domain are not able to authenticate 2FA even though they are challenged for RSA 2FA when they connect to ssh and we are seeing "Authentication method failed, passcode format error" but the same users are able to authenticate using "test" under self-service console 


But when we do Acetest authentication it is successful for the all domain users on the same server. where username will be only their name without any domain name format


Normal AD authentication username format are as below

Domain A

Username - eg, John followed by domain password

Domain B - eg Domain B+Mike followed by domain password

Domain C - eg Domain C+Mike followed by domain password