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Updating User Access ReviewResult instance name

Question asked by Nasreen Mathias Employee on Oct 30, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2018 by Boris Lekumovich

Version 7.0.1 patch 1 


Customer is asking if there is a way to update the name of a ReviewResult instance such as invoking web services or using one of OOTB workflow templates. 

Based on my research via web services for Review module I do not see any method that will update the name of the ReviewResult instance for a particular user access review definition which is running explicitly by the owner of the review. . This approach will require coding and customization.


 I have not been able to find a way via UI setting or configuration for automating this process either. The only way I think is via customized workflow template and custom task.. But before I ask the customer  to submit an enhancement request I just wanted to see if anyone seen such an automation that I am not aware of. I check 7.1.0 and still was not able to find a straightforward configuration or setting that could automate this process.