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AD Extension Attribute Mapping

Question asked by Jennifer Britton on Nov 1, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2018 by William May

Good afternoon!


We are on version P10


It's my understanding from my AD Administrators that our team has been "assigned" extensionAttribute12 and 13 in Active Directory for use in Aveksa to be used in identifying the Owner and Backup Owner associated with an Account.


I've done a few comparisons between AD and IMG/Aveksa and let's just say there's discrepancies between what AD shows in the EA and what IMG shows as the Owner and Backup Owner for the Account.


I'm not sure if these EA were requested and never implemented in IMG; as far as I can tell the Owner and Backup Owner are only being populated for AD Groups based on the Managed by field in AD.


I'm fairly sure these need to be mapped somewhere, but I'm honestly not sure where.  As far as I can tell any account to user mapping has been done locally in IMG.


To clarify: I'm trying to figure out how to map AD Extension Attributes so that when they are filled out it populates IMG Account Owner information.  


Thank  you for your help!