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Rquesting info on WLAN WPA key option for NW 11.x class decoder

Question asked by Thomas Millar Employee on Nov 2, 2018

Hello RSA Team-

I am standing up a lab NW 11.1 setup which includes Packet Decoder in a lab environment that has both wired and wireless traffic .  On reviewing the wlan-config.xml from within Admin -> Service - DecoderX -> Config -> Files selection I identified a portion of the XML that seems apropos but only speaks of WEP keys.  Absent from the RSA Community documentation was any mention of WPA.  (Maybe there is more but I did not find it this afternoon).

Check out the default exhibit below :

   An example document illustrating the desired configuration of the wireless NIC and the

   definition of a single wireless access point with a single default key is as follows:





    # Configure the RFMON channel of the wireless device to capture packets on

    <device name="wlan0" channel="11"/>


    # Configure all the APs that you will be capturing traffic from

    <accesspoint bssid="00:1f:90:ea:6d:85" ssid="MySSID" channel="11">


        <key value="3A6FEE676D"/>







Can anyone advise on whether WPA/WPA2 encryption can be used with a NW 11.x decoder? What does that look like with respect to XML?