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Login Alias Question

Question asked by Edward Clear on Nov 7, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2020 by Joe Johnston

I am trying to get logon aliases working using "000013555 - Configuring two RSA Authentication Manager 8.x user IDs to share a single SecurID token".  I was able to get two accounts working, but not three.  Is the method limited to two accounts?  Is there a non-obvious trick to add the additional accounts?   I did list the third account in the "User Authenticates With" of the first account the token is assigned to.   But I keep getting "Found another user with the same alias in this group" when trying to update the third account.


All the accounts are from the same Identity Provider (AD via LDAPS).  We are running Authentication Manager 8.3 p4.


Some comments on that document.  Step 9c could be clarified, just stick to the value to add, make any explanation a separate sentence.  The screen shot is of little use as it's not filled out with the example scenario or any values.   It could also also use guidance on the user group.   It seems like the group is just used by the agent, not to limit alias mapping.  So the group could contain all the accounts allowed to use aliases, not just the ones belonging to a single person/token combination.  Or is there something valuable about having lots of small groups here?