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What is currently not supported with the RSA Security Manager for ADFS?

Question asked by Derrick Chapman on Nov 20, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2018 by Ted Barbour

We are trying to ascertain exactly what is not supported for the RSA Security Manager for ADFS.   This portion of the 8.3 document seems to indicate that there are several features that are not supported and we need to confirm this as it pertains to our cloud based applications specifically with AWS.


RSA Authentication Manager Compatibiity

RSA Authentication Manager 8.3 or higher


The following features are not supported by Agent for AD FS:

FIDO Token Authentication
Authentication method combinations that include FIDO Token
RSA SecureID Authenticationusing legacy RSA SecureIDUDP Protocal
RSA SecureID Authentication Using RADIUS Protocal
On-Demand authentication using native RSA SecureID protocol
On-Demand authentication using RADIUS Protocal
Risk-based authenticationthrough RSA Authentication Manager
Risk-based Authentication with single sign-on through RSA Authentication Manager
Secondary RADIUS support
RSA SecureID tokent automation
RSA SecureID 800 Authentication Automation
RSA SecureID protection of administrative interface