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      Hierarchy: The Parent Role shows the children when clicking ALL

Question asked by Shlomo Katz on Nov 21, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 26, 2018 by Shlomo Katz


I recently upgraded from 7.0.1 P04 to 7.1.0 P03


Both Rules are Business Roles

Parent Role contains users and entitlements.

 > Child Role contains 2 users and entitlement for their elevated position.  (They get the Parent Role entitlements)

Since the upgrade, the Rule maintaining the Parent Role wants to remove the users in the Children Role because it thinks they are a member of the Parent Role.

The Children Role users can only been seen in the Parent Role when you click All. 


Can somebody please explain to me what is going on?
Either the role should see the Child users with All (makes sense to me) - but why is the Rule trying to remove them?


Thank you