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R_SSL_version call dumping...

Question asked by Vivekananda venkateswaran Sannasi Employee on Nov 26, 2018



We use BSAFE libraries to achieve FIPS compliance for our product. We are getting a crash in one of the BSAFE calls (R_SSL_version) in one of our customer site. It occurred few times. At the same time, this call is working fine in many other customer places.


I am attaching the lower stack when the crash occurred. In our code we confirmed that we don't write any member of the SSL structure which is passed to R_SSL_version. 


Could you guide us in identifying the possible reason for this crash.


We use BASE MES library.



Thread 2 (Thread 140512382154496 (LWP 40575)):
#0 0x000000331c40e82d in read () from /lib64/
#1 0x00007fced5678c85 in _lineread (fd=4, buf=0x7fcb969f9940 "", bufsz=<value optimized out>) at /work/redcurrent/DMT-
#2 0x00007fced5678e3b in sm_POSIXstacktrace (fd=-1, stdinfo=<value optimized out>, line=466, file=0x7fced57fe4e8 "/work/redcurrent/DMT-") at /work/redcurrent/DMT-
#3 0x00007fced5679898 in sm_LINUXstacktrace (fd=-1, stdinfo=0) at /work/redcurrent/DMT-
#4 0x00007fced567416a in fatalHandler (sig=11, info=0x7fcb969fcd70, context=<value optimized out>) at /work/redcurrent/DMT-
#5 <signal handler called>
#6 0x00007fced56a6b4c in R_SSL_version () from /apps/InCharge9/IP/smarts/local/lib/
#7 0x00007fced5695ae0 in sm_R_SSL_version (ssl=0x2b005d002e0039) at /work/redcurrent/DMT-
#8 0x00007fced5298b26 in CI_FlowTLS_U::protocolToken (this=0x7fcc41da3c30) at /work/redcurrent/DMT-