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Failed to connect to LDAP Identiy Source errors

Question asked by Gervasee Dixon on Nov 30, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2018 by Piers Bowness

 I work in an industrial warehouse network environment and these errors seem to pickup during busier production times of the season like the holidays (Now). We get up to 5 alerts generated per day and then some days none at all.


Error:   "Attention! The following critical system event occurred: Failed to connect to LDAP Identity Source"


I've done the ping test troubleshooting via the OC RSA console to the LDAP servers and I never see an issue. The failures seem to be so random and spread apart. Is there a polling settings or timers we can adjust to resolve this? There is hardly any slowdown on the network connections as they are mainly 1G and 10G backbone infrastructure of which these probes shouldn't even be scratching the surface. Also looking at our network connections they are always below 50% utilization. I'll also mention that the RSA server and LDAP are in separate domains if that makes a difference. We have other devices in those same domains that don't have this issue.