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What is the exact upgrading path from AM 8.2.1 to AM 8.3

Question asked by JUNXIA ZHANG on Dec 5, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2018 by JUNXIA ZHANG

Hi RSA Team,


Thank you for the previous reply. I need further clarification for this.


1. Our RSA AM version is 8.2.1 and do we need to install RSA AM 8.2 SP1 before upgrading to 8.3. I would like to know the exact upgrading path to RSA AM 8.3 patch 5 from RSA AM 8.2.1.


2. Our deployment include 1 primary appliances and 2 replicas. Can I upgrade primary to version 8.3 first and upgrade the replicas one by one?


3. Our deployment include some agents and we already deploy the Authentication Manager configuration file sdconf.rec to those agents. My question is do we need to recreate using RSA AM 8.3 and redeploy Authentication Manager configuration file on those agents after upgrading?.


4. Will there be any service disruption during the upgrading process?