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How to Upgrade a NEW Replica Instance

Question asked by chad holland on Dec 7, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2018 by Edward Davis

I just need a little push -

Running SecurID 8.3 on a VMware virtual appliance. I decided it's time to deploy a Replica instance. I use the .OVA file to deploy my Replica instance. I cannot attach the Replica because it's not the same version as the Primary.


How do I upgrade my Replica instance to 8.3?


Is there perhaps an alternate URL on my Replica that I haven't discovered yet, used just for upgrading?


Or, am I supposed to deploy the Replica instance from an 8.3 .OVA file to begin with? If this is the case, I need pointed to the 8.3 .OVA file download because all I can find is the .OVA file.