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Verifying Revert Changes in a Role

Question asked by Jennifer Britton on Dec 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2019 by Jennifer Britton

Good morning!


The last time this particular Role was committed was in early 2017 so I'm a bit hesitant to Revert Changes back to the committed state (that is my only option to revert to).  There is a member who is in the role that shouldn't be, and I am unable to remove them; their action is showing as Added in Green.  This is the only member that displays that way.


Is there a reason the changes being displayed isn't shown after clicking Revert Changes, similar to the Apply Changes screen?  I'd like to verify the changes being reverted before proceeding, and no documentation I've found gives me any indication I'll be able to review after selecting Revert Changes>Committed Version.


Thank you for your help!