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How to free up Oracle ASM Disk Space?

Question asked by Gaurav Kabra on Dec 18, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2019 by Gaurav Kabra

Problem Statement:

Oracle ASM partition used by RSA IG&L is running out of space on the Production environment.

We have checked the existing configurations on the server and we can see that 1TB of disk space was allocated to Oracle ASM, out of which only 60GB is free. The AVUSER database export (.dmp file) is only 45GB in size.


Customer Environment:

RSA IG&L v7.0 Patch 3 – Hardware Appliance with Oracle 12C and Wildfly 8.2 Application Server on Suse Linux 11


Steps Taken Till Now:

We have done some housekeeping as suggested on the KB articles listed below but that has not solved the issue:




We had found another KB article which may have had some resolution steps, but that link does not seem to exist now: