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RSA Authentication Manager 8.4 Upgrade breaks connectivity with 8.3.x Web-Tiers?

Question asked by ANDREW WROBEL on Dec 21, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2018 by ANDREW WROBEL

Did some testing with 8.4 in our non-production environment without any issues/problems.


After performing the 8.4 Upgrade on the one production server from 8.3 P5, I found that our Web-Tiers are no longer able to communicate.


The one web-tier version is  I can access the Web-Tier Page, I enter the user-name and click OK.


The next page is an Error Page with the following - "Sorry, your request cannot be processed at this time."


If I hit the Self-Service Page right on the RSA Application, no issues.


Any ideas/thoughts on where I can look to see what is causing the issue?