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Nested 'Display' Condition Checking in RSA IGL Request Form

Question asked by Keshav Kumar on Jan 2, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2019 by Mostafa Helmy

RSA IGL V7.0.2 P09 - How can we Nest two different Display conditions in Req Form?


The Requirement is if a value A or B or C is to be ticked from a list of Radio button values, A should, in turn, show X Y Z and again, in turn, clicking on X, it should Display 1 2 3 Values
This I was able to achieve using normal Display Conditions such as if A=some value, display X, if X=some value display 1 2 3.

But the Problem with this Approach is if a User presses A->X->1, and then presses on B, the previous selection of X->1 still is Displayed from the previous Wrong selection of A.

The solution could be like the 1 should be displayed only if both A=some value and X = some value. How can this be achieved in RSA Request Form?