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Entitlements missing where user accounts are disabled in PV_USER_ALL_ACCESS

Question asked by Danny Bissett on Jan 4, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2020 by Andy Cheek

We have recently updated to 7.1 P2 from 7.01 and we have a number of reports that no longer work which I am trying to fix.


I have found that the column MS_COLLECTED_DESCRIPTION has been removed with the update. I have added a left join to PV_APPLICATION_ROLE table to add the descriptions which works fine.


The next issue is that the table seems to omit any entitlement relationships that are linked to disabled accounts.


Why are entitlement relationships linked to disabled accounts not showing?


I did find another post that stated that it has been confirmed that some entitlement relationships are not shown because an entitlement is in a role but not necessarily a role that the missing user in a member of.


I did a test on a entitlement that is not contained within any roles and I see the same behaviour again not its not related to the post I found.