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RSA Authentication manager 8.x and support for RADIUS CHAP protocol

Question asked by Marco Coppolino on Jan 9, 2019
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Hi all,

I looked for but I cannot find relevant information.

I'm looking for some indication about supported protocol, cause a customer noticed that after upgrading a network device he cannot login anymore due to the fact that the device send request by default using CHAP and not PAP.

Question is: is it possible to let authentication manager accept CHAP request?


In only found this article, but it not updated :

000024044 - Does ACE/Server RADIUS server support CHAP or PAP?


CHAP is not a supported protocol with RSA's Radius Implementation.  It is possible for a vendor to encode their CHAP implementation to permit our prompt strings but this is not an RSA issue.
PAP provides an open exchange of prompts between the server and client that permit New Pin Mode and Next PRN mode to work. PAP is supported by RSA's Radius implementation.

I hope someone can give me some relevant information regarding this question


Thanks a lot