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RSA Auth Agents: Windows Log on attempt got failed

Question asked by Kris Hong on Jan 10, 2019
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I have an issue to get helps. 


On 2016 Server, we installed RSA Authentication Agent, and set challenge users except a test group.

I am using Remote Desktop Connection Manager to access to the Server Remotely for testing.

After the challenge setup, got log off from the admin account in the test group.

When attempt log back in with my test account, RSA Token authentication got passed (it took up to 30 seconds long -slower than the other working servers (2016, 2008 R2).

After entered Windows passcode to log in process continue, it took almost 45 to 60 seconds long and suddenly the session is closed without any errors before loading the Desktop. 


Would you please help me to find out what would be wrong in this case?