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Can we create a core and back office database in MS SQL Server 2012 by running the Unix Installer on AIX box.

Question asked by Ajay Dhyani on Jan 11, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2019 by Jasmine Zakir

Hi All,


I have few questions regarding RSA AAOP 7.3 installation. Any kind of help will be highly appreciated !!!


1. I am trying to install a RSA AAOP 7.3 on my AIX operating system and where I have setup MS SQL Server 2012 for the RSA database creation on my Windows box. Now, I just have a question that is it possible to create the core and back office databases by running the RSA AAOP 7.3 Unix installer from my AIX box or do I need to run the Windows installer on the MS SQL Server box separately to configured the core and back office databases.  

2. As per the installation guide I have to download sqljdbc4.jar for MS SQL Server 2012 but this version is no longer available in Microsoft download central. Is their any other authenticated source from where I can download this jar file or if I download any other available version of this jar file than is their any dependent file on RSA AAOP installer where I have to made any changes. .

3. Do I need to place the downloaded jar in both AIX and Windows box or is it needs to be placed only in AIX box from where I am going to deploy and run the RSA AAOP.


Thanks in Advance !!!


Ajay Dhyani,